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Mauiʻs Water issues run pretty deep into the plantation sugar era

roots of water diversion systems have destroyed the livelihood of Hawaiian families

for over 100 years,  giving birth to both East & West Maui battles for water.

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Water is life.

Maui Island Water Use & Development Plan

Maui County is accepting written testimony until September 9th

This plan is 1228 pages long.

On September 11th, live testimony is supposed to be heard,

via the county video testimony site: Blue Jean

Hui O Na Wai ʻEha


“Kaulana ‘o Nā Wai ‘Ehā” 

“Famous are the Four Great Waters of Waikapū, Wailuku, Waiehu, and Waiheʻe.”

ʻAha Moku o Wailuku

Where I utilize my talents to support sustainability efforts

Act 212 provided the foundation for this organization to exist

Each district has an Aha Moku to preserve our Ahupuaʻa System

Title 16, Chapter 9 of Maui County Water Code [1999]

Management Rule of ʻĪao Valley Water

Maui Island Water Use & Development Plan

On July 21st, Upcountry Maui was one of the locations who were asked to conserve water.

In addition to dry streams from current diversions for the former sugarcane fields,

water has still not been returned to the places it belongs.

The Maui County website advises us of all different ways to conserve water.

There is even a Department of Water Supply request for Community Gardens to utilize Xeriscaping.

Yet Water usage reports tell us that 100,000 gallons of water per day, go to resorts in Wailea for lush landscape

Click here to see why the Sierra Club of Maui is wanting to restore the East Maui Streams.

Now, the new Water Plan titled above, is causing more friction between developments and residents.

Maui County Water Code states:

Chapter 14.06A


14.06A.010 - Policy statement.

A.Pursuant to Article XI, Section 1 of the Hawaii State Constitution, the County finds that water is a public trust resource.

B.The County's policy is to promote water conservation & take preventative measures to reduce the risk & severity of water shortages.

C.Water conservation is essential to preserve water resources, and to protect public health, safety, and welfare.

D.Unrestricted water use for nonessential needs during times of water shortage may endanger the adequacy of the County's water supply for essential needs.

(Ord. No. 4178, § 5, 2014)

Maui County Water Code:  Chapter 20.30 - USE OF RECLAIMED WATER

What Maui Tomorrow has to share about Water Issues on Maui

Whatʻs your Personal Water Footprint this year?


Virtual Water Report


Global Standards

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Alliance for Water Stewardship

Global Standards


Global Standards



Global Standards

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Global Standards


2030 Plan

Kahului Harbor



History & Future


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