I value your time, visit, interest & vote.

Each of us are living with very unique situations as we adjust to new norms.

So I compiled this list of non-endorsed resources for you

to help save you time finding resources with plain facts. 

Maui Primary Election Results


Beginning with the 2020 Elections, Hawaii votes by mail and

all voters will automatically receive their ballot in the mail 18 days prior to each election.

Primary Election Ballot Delivered: July 21, 2020

Primary Election: August 8, 2020

General Election Ballot Delivered: October 16, 2020

General Election: November 3, 2020

Facts & Information

Vote.org - Everything that you need to know to vote.  National American views. 

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How to Vote

USA.GOV - Tells you everything that you need to know and empowers you to make informed deicisions.

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Voter Registration HI

Hawaiʻi State election system registration.  No third party voter registration means less chance of lost registration.

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HI Election Security

For many voters,  voting by mail is a completely new concept.  Hereʻs a FAQ

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RetireGuide.com: Senior Voting Guide

a free site dedicated to providing accurate, useful information to help seniors fulfill their retirement goals

List of Candidates

This is the stateʻs full list of candidates running in the 2020 election.  Makes the election easier to follow.

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Past Voter Stats HI

It is wise to pay attention to these things. Many are not historically voters, so a crash course helps.

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HI Political Parties

Did you know that Hawaiʻi has a total of eight political parties?  Here is the state record of the eight parties.

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Historical Presidential Elections

Knowing this history gives us key elements that we need to know about how it happened.

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Register to Vote

Update/Check Voter Status

Contact Office of Elections

Please register & vote

The only way we are going to strengthen our community, is if everybody who can vote, does vote.

Weʻve had the same stories for years already.

It is time for the Voice of the People to be heard.

Use your voice this year.


Your children & grandchildren will

forever be grateful

that you spoke up

at a time so crucial.

Register to Vote Here

OHA Educated Voting

OHA is stepping up to get us prepared for a successful voting season.  In this article, you will find the results of their candidate surveys as well as other pertinent  information. 

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Fil-am Voice Maui

"And theyʻre off!"  is the title of the Fil-Am Voice article that captures a glimpse of each candidate.  

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HSTA Educators Endorsements

See who the Hawaiʻi School Teachers Association endorsed & when they plan to sign wave for their candidates.

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Why Would a Candidate Share Unbiased Information?

I choose to share unbiased information because before I am a candidate - I am a voter.  Before I want you to vote for me, I want you to know all the information that you need to vote for who is representing your voice.  

If you ask me, Iʻll tell you to #VoteKahalaChrupalyk but thatʻs probably because I am Kahala Chrupalyk.

What I really want you to do, is realize how important your vote really is.  That is the whole point in providing the links to all organizations who do not endorse candidates.

Each link on this page comes from organizations who simply put out a questionnaire and posted the answers.

If you think that new hotels in Kahului or Wailuku are a good thing, I am not who you want to vote for.

but if you think that strengthening our small businesses is a priority, vote for me.

If you want higher wages & better education, vote for me.

If you want more opportunities to advance yourself & family,


At this point in the race, I am a one-member campaign team.

If you would like to help me in any way, please contact me.

Hawaiʻi Bicycling League

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Balance Budget Amendment

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Our Campaigns Historical Voter Resource

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The Ranked Choice Voting Act


Ranked Choice Voting Act

Hawaiʻi Office of Elections - 2020 Candidate Filing Report

Full List of Candidates