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Nominate Kahala for Candidacy in 2022

Kahului Harbor

Master Plan 2030

Jones Act Hawaiʻi

Merchant Marine Act

Knowledge of Self

It is important to know yourself well, to be successful.

This 30 page

self-paced resource

helps you to get to know your strengths

as well as

building new strengths

Credit Edge Solutions

Office of Civil Rights

complaint line

We, the people of Kahului

many have been here for generations

some have been here for a few

we have all lived side by side

through good & bad times alike

Our community is strong, we survive

Our plants & children are ambitious and want to thrive

We donʻt want to be a homeless dump spot

we want our community to be stable

we want our community to thrive like our children

we want our small businesses to flourish

we want good paying jobs

we want less traffic fatalities

we want solid governance

we want to see our representative and to know who that is

we want to feel like the state hears our voices

we want to know that our representation cares.

Furthermore,  we want to know that our community

will be protected from sea level rise

that it wonʻt burn in overdevelopment

that our streets are fixed

that our schools are safe

that our families are safe.

We, the people of Kahului, 

choose a candidate that will listen.

We choose a candidate that will be present

with all of us, not just a select few.

We want a candidate who will represent our Voices, our Concerns

We want Kahala Chrupalyk.

Have you been saving & want to own your own house now?

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How to fix your own credit.

Click here for more information about how to get rid of debt to realize your dreams.

Empower yourself, youʻre worth it.

Keep track of your credit.

This link allows you to create one account with Experian and gives you lots of good tips to build your credit.

*Warning: donʻt keep applying for the credit cards though.

Non-Partisan Crowd Voting Platform

Paid for by Nā Hoaaloha o Kahala     PO Box 1793,  Wailuku, HI 96793