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Let the Voice of the People be heard

I wanted to take this time and space to share my gratitude with each and every person

Who has been with us since 2013 leading into the birth of this campaign

Who has been with us during this campaign & throughout the Covid season

Who has contributed to our campaign, that the Voice of the People be heard.

Thank you for helping my family, for helping my campaign, for helping me.

Thank you for enabling me to stand tall for Citizens of Central Maui

Thank you for trusting me with your Voice.

Thank those of you who voted for me, and those of whom did not.

Each and every person has a Voice and it is my hopes that your voice resounds,

Creating new policies that will defend our islands from things like

Sea Level Rise, Global Warming, & Foreign Corporate Monopolies.

Joining the Voice of the People to invest in our own residents, that

we may rise in solidarity toward brighter futures for our families & futures.

It is with 20/20 Vision that I stand with you, for us to move forward together.

We are the CEOs and Executives of Hawaiʻi

We are the Educators and Law Enforcement

We are One Community with Many Voices.

Let our Voices be heard.

I went to Double Portion Supply for all of my campaign necessities

Aaron & Jennifer have been a blessing to my campaign

Mahalo nui loa e Nā Hoaaloha o Kahala

Marty Martins, Micro-Farmer

If the people of District 9 want an industrious Representative who will actually work for them, they should elect Kahala Chrupalyk. I first met Kahala when we were classmates together at UH-Maui and quickly discovered her to be articulate, energetic, and inquisitive. Kahala is a mixed-race Hawaiian whose family roots run deep in Maui. She is generous to a fault and will pour out herself for the people of Kahului.

Donate Here

Tahiti Maunakea Ahsam, UH

Kahala has the best interest of people and the environment in mind at all times.

Kahala spends a lot of time uniting various entities to produce stronger results for the community at large.

Kahala goes beyond serving just a portion of the community, but she serves all people in the community simultaneously.

Kahala definitely deserves a position that is fit for a strong leader like herself. She knows the struggles in our community very well & has helped many families overcome struggles to move forward.

Good Morning Sister,

Thank you very much for sending me the pictures and copy of the video! You are really AMAZING. It is so wonderful that you are finally achieving all the goals you were created to realize, and how many others will benefit and be helped by your actions. I always knew you were someone special (at least you always were to me), and you are definitely validating my initial feelings. Take care, and know you are loved.

               - Irene Butler, Deep Creek, FL

                 Ministry Advisor Council

Endorsement from

Farmers Voice Hawaiʻi

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Donate to Akakū Community Public Media where you can create callouts to the community for free.

FilAm Courier

Why diversity Matters

Maui Time Newspaper

2020 Political Guide

Do you have something to tell to the community?

Contact Maui Time

with your story

Coconut Polls

Maui Time Newspaper

This is a great way to have the community voice heard.

Nā Mahalo

Robert Armitage

Donald Kaulia

Pua Ishibashi

Desmon Haumea

Nalani Smythe

Johanna Kamaunu

Kaniloa Kamaunu

Deb Kaiwi

Carol Lee Kamekona

Simon Russell

Kaʻapuni Aiwohi

Junya Nakoa

Phyllis Robinson

Georgia Pinsky

Faith Ewbank

Maui Parilla-Ponce

Shawn Perry Jr

R Fernandez

Konrad Kanaʻe

Aaron Graziano

Melanie Undem

Marty Martins

Diane Friedrich

Phoenix Maui

Leilani M Maui

Shawn & Puaokamele Dizon

Alakani Farms

Hoʻomana Farms

Auto Zone, Kahului

Daniel Decker

Tribal & Max Parthas

Brian Perkins

Michelle Albert

Kahaka Patolo & Kiaʻi

Bob Kieckhefer

Leilani andaya

Puanani Rogers

Lynette Cruz

Parilla Familya

Joyclynn Costa & Ohana

Leilani Miranda

Terilee Kawaakoa & Ohana

Loreilei Hoopii & Ohana

Tanya Kaina-Doyle & Ohana

Char Burrows & Ohana

Barbara Seymour Grandon

Hōkū Monique Colaci

Paul tonnessen

ʻOhana Tatafu

Naima Jones & the Jonesʻs

Dani Robinson

Carol & Carol

Nalani Smythe

Mavis Oliveira-Medeiros & Ohana

Double Portion Supply

Future Grindz

All Kaina Grindz

Family Farm Training Network

ʻĀina Aloha Futures

Supporters at UHMC

Casi, Kim & Team Honda

Support Team at Vistaprint

Alakani Farms, Waikapū

Leilani Andaya, Makawao

When it comes to culture and the land, Kahala is #1.  She is a force to be reckoned with but also not into taking money from corporations.  Kahala is what Maui needs to get out of the era of overtourism and to usher in a new era of honesty and sustainability.

ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi

Frances Salvato, Pukalani

Kahala is the embodiment of Aloha. I have reached out to her several times during the Covid 19 pandemic and she has gone above and beyond in assisting me with information about employment opportunities as well as helping me to acquire rubbing alcohol when no one else was able to help me. She is fair, compassionate and cares for all members of the Maui Community. We are lucky to have her as an ally and advocate.

Leilani M. Maui,  Kahului

Voting people who will effectively speak on the behalf of our community is vital. 

J Kahala Chrupalyk is someone who I see fit for the job.

Kahala has been a dedicated advocate for social justice, land restoration, and cultural preservation. She devotes herself extensively to personally working in the community to see what needs to be done to create a better environment for the people today and for future generations to come.

I believe that she can and will start her term off strong and that she will remain consistent in her work. I especially appreciate Kahala’s effort to be beneficial to our community with or without recognition or credit. She constantly is seeking out new ideas and different perspectives by talking to people whether it be from talking to her neighbors or at a public event.

Kahala is affable, approachable, and engaged in her everyday interactions. I feel that she is genuinely committed to being a positive part in governing and sharing what her community wants. Mahalo for your consideration of J Kahala Chrupalyk as State House Representative of Kahului (District 9). 

Rose Reilly,

Mobile Restoration Hui

Kahala has been an informed ally for social justice and a broad researcher of options available to facilitate that growth.

Mahalo Kahala!

Mia Magbual, Kahului, Maui Native Hawaiian Club

Thanks for the opportunity for my kids to malama. I was at Iao today. Too much cars = too much people. Did you recently see the kalo at Pavillion #7? Letʻs talk solutions.

Char Burrows,

Bus Ministry

From the beginning, God was with you. You walked into our lives and let us see how God works through you. Kahala, you are nothing but a blessing to God and His Sheep. We need people like you in office to stand up for us.

Kaimi Vincent,


The community has eyes and they see what you go through, in order to help other people. I wish you would just get into office, so that you can do more of what you do already.

Russell Phoenix Māui,  Muliloa a Kahala

Iʻm so proud of you Mom. Itʻs about time you had a voice & Iʻm glad you finally chose to stand up on a larger level. I wish I was old enough to vote. I will make your dinner & paint all the signs you need, Mom - just know that Iʻm your biggest fan.

Diane Maui-Friedrich,

Bensalem, Pennsylvania

You are out in the community every single day. 

You know what your district needs are. 

You donʻt waste time guessing because youʻve done the research and your qualifications prove that about you.

Youʻve always been a leader, putting people before yourself.

You astound me.

 You have achieved everything without any help, and over the years I have seen people try to take you down, but you didnʻt even respond, you just kept succeeding while helping others.

Kahaka Patolo,


I know that you will bring much larger solutions to our community at wide. You have the capability to look beyond the box and to see what people really need. I really think you can do a lot more than the job requires. I have never seen anyone collaborate on the levels that you do, and put up with so much like you do. You are like a Mom to the whole community - young and old alike.

Shawn Maui-Perry


I think you should run for office because you have a passion for the community, you have already put time, money and so much effort into seeing the community rise. You have personal connections with multiple people from your volunteer work that have expressed to your children, a plethora of gratefulness for your works, Mom. The community knows that you listen and have responded with love & support.

Thank you for teaching me all that you know, Mom

Kim Iams,


You would be perfect in office because we donʻt even know who is in office now. We see you everywhere helping homeless, addicts, youth, kūpuna,  clean-ups, and so much more. Everywhere I turn, you are there to serve. 

With you in office, the state would be in a much better place.

The people deserve someone like you.

 Mahalo Tita.

Susan Vickery,  Wailuku

Kahala is one of those people you feel comfortable meeting for the first time. For me personally, we met at an event in Lahaina. Right away she informed me about The Ku'e Petitions in length, the history and the excitement was palatable. I was honored to sign The Ku'e Petitions that day.

Kahala is a single mother of three, intelligent, takes her kuleana seriously, and while listening intently to community issues she finds solutions. Service to community is one her best attributes.

Aloha Aina for Hawai'i Nei. #VoteKahala #2020

Kaonohiokala Kana'e 

All I know is... we been friends here for nearly if not over a decade and I only get positive energy from you... you're hard working looking out for others before yourself and have a heart of gold... solid... no "BS" individual with GODly intent... talented... interesting... encouraging... not only do you have my vote but you have my heart my dear.

Na Leo o Na Mākua

o Kuʻu Moku

We are proud of how far youʻve come, Kahala.

Keep doing what you are doing.

The Moku needs you, the people need you.

Sometimes you are so loud because it is you who listens to the people and knows what they need.

You bring fresh, young energy and you make us proud.

Keep going.

ʻOhana Kamaunu

Kahala, you are young, smart, and filled with energy.

Your dedication  and your love for the people will take you far. 

We need you in this office.  

Iʻve seen you rise through poverty as a single parent.  Youʻve raised 3 intelligent children under circumstances that others might not be able to.

You have a gift.

Now is the time to use it.  

Bob Kieckhefer

I support you and the Aloha 'Āina Party because I support your core values and I believe you have the best interest of the Hawaiian people at heart.

~ Co-Author of 

Mana Within

Today’s politics needs a pivot toward accountability and transparency. Kahala, I think, knows how to listen to her community and perform the ho‘oponopono necessary for community wide healing. She embodies the the vulnerable and knowledgeable leader we seek today.

Brian Perkins,  Environmental Kiaʻi

Puanani Rogers


I chose NOT to vote for any candidate that even THINKS of building a TMT on Mauna a Wakea.

I chose NOT to vote for anyone that is for Federal recognition. (FEDWRECK)

I chose NOT to vote for anyone that participated in the Na'i Aupuni farce ( a fake Con-con) and who voted on the fake constitution they wrote.

I chose to vote for more women than men.

I chose NOT to vote for anyone that favors RIMPAC.

I chose NOT to vote for anyone that will continue to support the theft and diversions of our Wai`ale`ale water.

I chose not to vote for anyone that ignores or criticizes our cultural beliefs and practices and is a known racist and a bigot against anyone who has a skin color.

I hope others would also vote the same.

That's all I can think of at the moment, I'm sure there are more reasons but that is why I did start to vote again.

Love you Kahala and may Ke Akua bless you always! 

Good luck,

Auntie Nani

Stephen Azuma


Candidateʻs Father

Kahala only knows one road in life:


My daughter is committed to the cause & she has every reason to be.

 She never tolerated separation from her siblings.

She did what she had to do to keep the family together, at all costs to her own future.

When her fiance was murdered by her side, my daughter persevered for the sake of her unborn child.

When our family finally shattered, my daughter picked up every piece while raising her three children alone.

No matter how much life tears my daughter down, Kahala continues to push forward in a really unique skillset of perseverance.

This kid is gifted.

I have no clue how she does it without help from anybody.

The hardest pill to swallow was that she never got mad at anything other than the injustice itself.

She never got mad at anybody for hurting her.

Kahala only knows one road in life:


I donʻt know what else to say, Iʻm not a scholar.

But if you have any questions, you are welcome to call me at 808-856-6318

Maka Tatafu

I never knew that we even had representation until I registered to vote. 

Itʻs a good thing that your heart is so big, and I would vote for you because you actually dig deep to find solutions that work for everybody involved. You listen when most people donʻt, and you respond with encouragement & advice.  Itʻs helpful because most people in position feel like they are too important to listen or care, but you always listen.

I feel like we donʻt have a voice now, but you always have been a voice for the people.  We need to vote you into a bigger position so that you can make bigger solutions for more people because you are really good at what you do in the community.

We need a voice in this community, and you are it.

John Carlos North Carolina

Ever since we were young you have been taking it up for the underdogs, speaking up against injustices, and holding safe space as refuge for others.

You were built to lead, which has historically showed in how you conduct yourself.

The best part about you is that when an answer is needed, you never tell someone that you donʻt know.  If you donʻt know the answer, you take the time to find the answer. You never miss a beat and I swear that nothing has ever gotten past your spidey-senses.

If I were in Hawaiʻi with you, Iʻd be standing there with your sign, going door to door - or maybe not, because of Covid, but Iʻd be your top campaign person.  I miss witnessing people doubt you, and your constant victory over troubled waters.

Best wishes to you in your campaign.  Weʻll be rooting for you from the other side of the world.

All our love, John Carlos & Familia.

ʻOhana Maui: First generation diaspora

Each cried to go home to their beloved Hawaiʻi Nei

Bottom Right Corner: My Tutu Marion J Maui

"You take everything that you learn here, and you go home.

Take the good back home with you.  Leave the rest here."

She spoke those words while marching a 6 year old me

to the offices of politicians on her rounds to make a change

during a time of great racial turbulence in Philadelphia, 1983.

I hereby dedicate all that I have learned, will learn and am doing, to each of you for maintaining our lineal connections & for investing in my future.

May Papa Henry Maui & each of you Rest in Peace

knowing that one made it home.

Vote Kahala Chrupalyk for House District 9

Kahului, Maui Lani, Puʻunene & Sandhills

The bottom line is that Kahala has been working hard for her community for years

Itʻs right here in black & white

Together, we achieve so much more.

"Letʻs work together with a Representative that will represent us"

- Nā Hoaaloha o Kahala

I Pledge My Earnest Efforts To:

Share truth

Verify: fact-check information to confirm it is true before accepting and sharing it

Balance: share the whole truth, even if some aspects do not support my opinion

Cite: share my sources so that others can verify my information

Clarify: distinguish between my opinion and the facts

Honor truth

Acknowledge: acknowledge when others share true information, even when we disagree otherwise

Reevaluate: reevaluate if my information is challenged, retract it if I cannot verify it

Defend: defend others when they come under attack for sharing true information, even when we disagree otherwise

Align: align my opinions and my actions with true information

Encourage truth

Fix: ask people to retract information that reliable sources have disproved even if they are my allies

Educate: compassionately inform those around me to stop using unreliable sources even if these sources support my opinion

Defer: recognize the opinions of experts as more likely to be accurate when the facts are disputed

Celebrate: celebrate those who retract incorrect statements and update their beliefs toward the truth

Paid for by Nā Hoaaloha o Kahala

2020 All Rights Reserved

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