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Kahalaʻs Manaʻo

  • Education is key to our future stability, wisdom & security
  • Economy is how the barter system of modern day works & is important to survive
  • Environment is our home.  She is our surroundings.  She feeds & nourishes us.  We must care for our environment.  She is our sustainability. Her survival is our survival.

Itʻs right here in black & white

Vote Kahala Chrupalyk

Nominate Kahala for 2022 Candidacy


L - Long Term Vision                         

E - Excellence                                   

A - Advance Planning                       

D - Discipline, Drive & Determination

E - Enthusiasm                                  

R - Responsibility                               

S - Sacrifice                                       

H - Humor & Humility                       

I - Influence                                      

P - Perseverance                                           

Aloha ʻĀina Party

Take a journey with me

Join us on Saturdays at Kepaniwai Gardens in ʻĪao Valley for a day ot positive restoration & Common Unity.

Join the efforts of Maui ʻOhana Garden as we build the local economy through growth & sustainability.​

What do you do when youʻre not quite sure who to vote for?  You ask your peers, and this platform provides you with the right exposure to learn about each candidate.  This is a free-standing platform that aims to give the power back to the voice of the people. 

Education is my #1 priority

The Hawaiian Language is an Official Language of the State of Hawaiʻi.

While more educational programs are being built on a macro-level, you are welcome to join our Hawaiian Language Hui as spaces become available.

Professional Opportunity

Training Programs

Tuition Assistance for Higher Education

Farm Apprentice Mentoring

Maui Hub

Farm Fresh Food

Long Term Stages of

Addiction & Suicide


Domestic Violence

Critically Endangered Species of Hawaiʻi


in Hawaiʻi

Legal Information

Free Homeschool Resources

Filipino Community Center/Filcom

Kōkua Diaper Service of Maui

Largest Collection of Mauiʻs documented history & artifacts

Email J Kahala Chrupalyk

Ka Lumi Kōmike

Paid for by Nā Hoaaloha o Kahala     PO Box 1793,  Wailuku, HI 96793