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Significance in Candidacy

  • Education is key to our future stability, wisdom & security
  • Economy is how the barter system of modern day works & is important to survive
  • Environment is our home.  She is our surroundings.  She feeds & nourishes us.  We must care for our environment.  She is our sustainability. Her survival is our survival.

Itʻs right here in black & white

Vote Kahala Chrupalyk


L - Long Term Vision                         

E - Excellence                                   

A - Advance Planning                       

D - Discipline, Drive & Determination

E - Enthusiasm                                  

R - Responsibility                               

S - Sacrifice                                       

H - Humor & Humility                       

I - Influence                                      

P - Perseverance                                           


1. Compensate Teachers

2. Convert food programs to local ag

3. Reform Curriculum

4. Make separate DOE for each island


1. Internalize economy, leaving tourism as a bonus instead of dependancy

2.  Investment in small local businesses 

3.  Fair market wages 


1. Create jobs to preserve environment

2. Generate contracts with artists & farms for the waste

3. Deflect environmental dangers and shoreline damage by planting trees along our shorelines


Cut costs by utilizing holistic care for the first wave of defense in any illness.  

Convert to holistic approach to cut costs and redeem true health.  

Campaign Donations

Covid-19 Resources

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Training Programs

Tuition Assistance for Higher Education

Farm Apprentice Mentoring

Maui Hub

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Long Term Stages of

Addiction & Suicide


Domestic Violence

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Filipino Community Center/Filcom

Kōkua Diaper Service of Maui

Largest Collection of Mauiʻs documented history & artifacts

Hawaiʻi State Budget Summer 2020

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