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E komo mai kākou

This is where we can hold the conversations on how

 we can achieve a greater sense of common+unity beyond just the surface.

Our community comprises of people

from all walks of life including:

sovereigns, immigrants, & homeless

We can share on this platform 

to learn how we can serve the under-served communities better. 

I do not partake in oppression.

we do this together

the State’s Public Land Trust Revenue Obligations

Moʻoaupuni: Resources on Hawaiian Political Landscapes

Burial Laws Broken

Taxed out of

Kuleana Lands


Sacred Places 

He Kanawai e Kūkulu & e Hoʻoponopono 

Oli: Na ʻAumakua

Maui General Plan 2030

Kahului Harbor Dredging 2015

Scheduled Molokini Explosion 7/2020

1921 Anthropological Report on Hawaiʻi

Kuleana Tax Exemption Moku o Keawe

Kuleana Tax Exemption Mokupuni o Maui

Kuleana Tax Exemption OHA 

Maui ESG Summit

E - Environmental

S - Social Responsibility

G - Good Governance

Hawaiian Patriot Project

An Act of War

Myths, Moʻolelo & Political Evaluation

Since 2012 the NAHKR page has been exposing truth while thousands in our lāhui have depended upon the page to gain perspective & information.  We now have a full team to keep the info and fresh perspective going while I do my best to get into the state house to clean out some of the cobwebs that prevent Hawaiʻi Nei from moving forward as a unified state.  The views of this page do not reflect my views, they are that of the people.  The history presented on this page has been verified prior to being published.  The purpose of this page is awareness, education, inspiration and empowerment to locate identities that have been lost to a century of disenfranchisement, also known as Cultural Ethnocide.  Today,  doors to connect with our identity have been opened and it is our own responsibility to learn aboutthe intricacies in the process.  Ke aloha pū i kēlā me kēia lā.  

ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi Questionnaire

 Genealogy Indexes

ʻĀina Aloha Futures

Duolingo Online Events Hawaiʻi


Place Name Index

Oli No Kahoʻolawe

Ava Konohiki Land Resources


Mahele Database

Waihona Kumu Resource Sharing 

Hawaiian Dictionary

Kaniʻaina ʻŌlelo Ka Leo Hawaiʻi

Kaniʻaina ʻŌlelo

Ku i ka Manaleo

Hawaiʻi State Annexation Information

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