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Thank you for visiting my resource page.

I hope that you are able to find the resources you need to sustain your family.

During this time like no other, we need to stick together.

One of the greatest lessons America has taught me, is that

" United We Stand, Divided We Fall "

Updated Resource List for Families

October 2020

Covid-19 Prevention

Resources for Residents

Resources for Businesses

Maui County 


Coronavirus Information

Learn More

Department of Health

Hawaiʻi covid-19

Learn More

Department of Education

Covid Information

Learn More

Healthcare Questionnaire

Hawaiʻi E-School Enrollment

Recovery Questionnaire

Fresh & Local Food Supply

Economic Questionnaire

Supporting Kamaʻaina

Small Business Questionnaire

Farmer Questionnaire

Central Pacific

Hurricane Center

Hurricane Preparation with MECO

Maui County

Hurricane Preparation

Filing a complaint with the Wage Division

This blue section is to help anyone who might have a complaint to file with the Wage Division.

Click the title above to get the form in English.

Click one of the four buttons below to get that same form in the languages listed on their respective buttons.

Remember that while they tell us that we need to build more housing, what we truly need is to be able to afford that housing, without having to work 3-4 jobs to pay the bills.  Our wages are our ability to survive.

I hope to help empower each of us by fighting for fair wages while protecting small businesses from the implications of struggle with this particular topic.  The current administration continually tells us that nobody knows the solution.

We will never know solutions until we try.

Let the Voice of the People be heard, and

new solutions be explored - solutions that work for our long term residential families.





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