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Everything I do is grass roots, sometimes kalo

Some of you know me from Bus ministry.  Some know me from canvassing Kahului for a number of causes, whether Aloha Fest or other candidates that youʻve voted for.

Anyone who knows me, knows me for my heart.


  • Economic Revival
    • Working Class & Small Business Recovery
  • Education & Faculty Recognition
    • New Solutions for New Situations
  • Environmental Repair
    • Sea Level Rise will affect Kahului first because Kahului is at Sea Level

E Komo Mai ~ Welcome

Aloha mai kākou, 

Thank you for visiting.

My name is J Kahala Chrupalyk

running for State House Representative District 9, Kahului

Iʻve lived in Maui for 7 years and in Kahului area for 6 years.

Before returning from the continent Iʻve lived in many places including both island & continent environments.

Much of my childhood was split between city & Mountain.

These diverse experiences offered me many perspectives,  as well as a quick mind to locate lists of solutions with references.

I use these skills to solve problems for friends & family daily.

if you look at the page labeled "Qualified By Experience" 

you will find the places and environments Iʻve worked.

With bloodlines putting me in every major ethnicity except Hispanic,  I also have long ago learned how to balance conflicting cultures to achieve unity.

Please enjoy the resources, stories & information in my website.

There is something for everyone here.

You matter. Your family matters.

Kahului matters.


Population: about 27,000

Registered Voters:  about 12,000

People Who Actually Vote: roughly 5000 

Small Businesses: roughly 2300

Houses: just over 7000

2018 Projected Population: 32,000

2020: Federal Census & Political District Border Changes

Population Estimates from US Census Information

Maui Island History Report

Railroad History in Kahului

Nisei History

in Kahului

Kahului Cannery #28 at 120 Kane St